Painters at the Sikh Court

Painters at the Sikh Court

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by B. N. Goswamy

This first edition book was published in 1999 by Aryan Publishers.  It is a new hardcover book with a bright dust jacket protected by plastic.  10"x 8"  116 pages

Contents: Preface. Introduction. 1. The find. 2. The painters. 3. The patrons. 4. The contacts. 5. The terms; the situation. 6. The questions. Notes. The texts: i. Transcriptions, translations. ii. Notes to documents. Appendices. Select bibliography. 

 "This work forms one of most valuable contributions made till date to the area of Punjab studies. For Painters at the Sikh Court is more than simply a work about painting and patronage: the material presented in it enhances and deepens our very understanding of how things worked at the Sikh courts, both at the royal and the sub-royal levels. The twenty documents that constitute the body of this study - a chance find - come from one single family of painters in the Pahari area, members of which took up service at Lahore after patronage dried up in their own native region. But, taken together, they form a formidable body of hard information about painters, their migrations, their relationships with new patrons, the terms on which they were engaged, among other things. Studies of painting at the Sikh courts would be remarkably thin without the substance that these documents contain."