Fifty-two Commandments of Guru Gobind Singh

Fifty-two Commandments of Guru Gobind Singh

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By: Balwinder Singh

Published in 2008, this is a second edition book by Singh Brothers.  It is a new hardcover book in excellent condition, with small dents on the corners.  Size:  9 " x 5.5".  208 pages.  

"Guru Gobind Singh, the tenth Sikh Guru, before leaving for the heavenly abode, had given some instructions to his followers present at Nanded in 1708. Baba Ram Singh Koer Ji, the great-grandson of Baba Buddha Ji wrote down these injunctions, which have fortunately come to us through an old manuscript.The author elaborates these 52 commandments in the light of Gurbani. Hence the book provides a comprehensive critique on the Sikh way of life prescribed by the tenth Guru Himself.

Righteous Endeavour of Honest Earning
Giving Away One Tenth of Income
Memorize Gurbani, sayings of the Guru
Wake Up in the Ambrosial Hour
Attend Upon or Serve the Sikh-Sewak with Interest
Learn the Meanings of Gurbani from the Sikh Scholars of the Sikh Panth
Live, Preserving the five Kakars, the Religious Symbols
Attend the Congregation and to Meditate on the True Name
Meditate on truth-Incarnate Supreme God
Guru Granth Sahib to be accepted as the True Guru
Offer Prayer in the Beginning of all Functions
Karah Prashad-Tihawal
Until distribution of Prashad is on-Congregation must remain seated peacefully
Have no Sex without Marriage
Regard other's woman as Mother, Sister or Daughter 
Never Rebuke a Woman
Never make use of Tobacco
Keep the company of Observant and Contemplative Gursikhs
Not to be Lethargic in doing the Jobs, One is capable of To Perform
Listen the Musical Rendering of Gurbani and Its Narrative Everyday
Not to Speak Ill of, Envy and slander anyone
One must not be proud of One's Wealth, Youth, Lineage and Caste
Observe a sublime and Pure Intellect 
Not to shun Good Deeds
God is the Giver of the Power of Intellect
Not to Trust Someone, Intending to Win Faith by Taking Vows
Be Independent
Study Politics
Use Conciliation, Money and Discord etc. as measures to Subdue the Enemy
Practice the use of Weapons and Horse-Riding
Study the Scriptures and Teachings of Other Faiths
Not to Heed the Preachings of the Ritualists Engrossed in Rituals
Do Prayer in Standing Posture 
Not to be without Turban
Not to keep Hair (head) Uncovered
Never address a Gursikh by his Incomplete Name
Not to Drink Wine
Not to give One's Daughter in Marriage to a clean-shaven Person
To hold all Ceremonies under the Aegis of Holy Granth Sahib, in accordance with Gurbani
Not to Backbite with a view to thwart other's Plans
Never say a Harsh Word which may Hurt Someone's Feelings
Make a Pilgrimage to the Sikh shrines only
Keep One's Word
As far as possible, Serve, a Guest, an Alien, Needy, Distressed and the Handicapped
Consider Your Daughter's Wealth as forbidden
Not to be a disguised or False Sikh
To have Faith in Sikhism
Observing Long Unshorn Hair Throughout the Life
Never commit theft, Adultery, Cheating, Treachery and Deception
A Gursikh should Trust he Fellow Sikh
Not to Give False Evidence
Not to Boast or Not to Indulge in self-Praise
Uniform Distribution of Langar Religion