A History of the Sikhs Volume I

A History of the Sikhs Volume I

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By: Khushwant Singh

First Printed in 1963, this is the second edition of the paperback version printed by Oxford India Paperbacks in 2014.  This is Vol. I, a new soft cover book.  Volume one is 403 pages.   Size:  8.5" x 5.5" 

Khushwant Singh presents Sikh history with a light treatment to the Sikh Guru period and an extensive, if not slanted, presentation of modern Sikh history.  Volume One covers 1469-1839; Guru Nanak Dev Ji through the British occupation.  

 The new edition updated to the present recounts the return of the community to the mainstream of national life. Written in Khushwant Singh's trademark style to be accessible to a general, non-scholarly audience, the book is based on scholarly archival research.