Eminent Sikh Women

Eminent Sikh Women

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Edited by Dr. M.K. Gill

Published by Himala Publishers in 1996.  This is a first edition, new hardcover book .  Size: 9" x 5.5".  Pages: 127

Not enough is written on Sikh women, and I am grateful for the good work of Principal Mohinder Kaur Gill for her research and her unfailing dedication to the remembrance of women in Sikh history.   The Mata Sundri College of Delhi devotes one day every year to the commemoration of the Mother of the Khalsa - Mata Sundri.  This slim book is a collection of nine lectures delivered by scholars and professors on this occasion.

This book presents impeccably researched papers on:

Mata Khiwi

Mata Mansa Devi

Mata Damodri

Mata Maha Devi

Mata Gujri

Mata Jeeto

Bibi Nanaki

Mai Sabhrai

Mai Bhago