Fall of the Sikh Empire - Memories of Alexander Gardner

Fall of the Sikh Empire - Memories of Alexander Gardner

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By Alexander Gardner, Edited by Major Hugh Pearse

First Printed in 1898, this re-print is by National Book Shop in 2007.  It is a hardcover new book.  9" x 5.5" 130 pages

"Stirring and interesting memoirs written in a lucid and engaging manner by one who occupied the ringside seat in the service of Maharaja Ranjit Singh. A good portion of Colonel Gardner's eventful life was spent in the Punjab Kingdom during the days of Ranjit Singh. His adventurous travels were in the regions adjacent to or beyond the Punjab frontier. Gardner possessed a power of narration and description in a high degree, clear on facts, graphic in touches of detail, invariably picturesque.  Gardner gives us much material for historical completion of the portraiture of Ranjit Singh, who was the most extraordinary native that ever rose to power in India within modern times. His analysis of Gulab Singh's conduct and disposition amounts to ruthless vivisection, and must doubtless be true. Equally graphic is his account of the murder of Maharaja Sher Singh. These memoirs, published just half a century after the events, corroborate the conclusions formed by many after the first Sikh War in 1845-46."

Alexander Gardner was an America who led an artillery unit in the army of Maharaja Ranjit Singh.  His memoirs are a fascinating read, but Gardner was known for his tendency to exaggerate, especially when it came to his own bravery and military prowess.   But there is no question that he was present during the events he describes, and his first-hand account is a valuable piece of history.