Gatka - As Taught by Nanak Dev Singh Khalsa

Gatka - As Taught by Nanak Dev Singh Khalsa

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By Nanak Dev Singh Khalsa

First edition, published 1987 by GT International.  This is a softcover book in new condition that is long out of print.  Size: 11" x 8.5".  132 pages with dozens of B&W photos.

Gatka is the art of sword fighting and is the traditional martial art of the Khalsa. It has been taught from teacher to student for hundreds of years.  Jathadar Sahib Baba Nihal Singh was once asked if the art of Gatka was ever written down, and he answered, "Of course.  It is all in the Jaap Sahib."  

This book is the first attempt at documenting the sword techniques of Gatka in written form for us mere mortals. I will let someone else be the judge if it is successful or not.  This book is highly collectable as it never enjoyed a second printing and there has never been an other one like it.