History of the Sikhs

History of the Sikhs

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By: Major Henry Court

First Printed in 1888, this re-print is by National Book Shop in 2003.  It is a hardcover new book.  9" x 5.5" 250 pages

Translation of the Sikhan de Raj Di Vithiya : 

Narratives of the Ten Gurus, 

History of the Sikhs from the Rise of Mahárája Ranjit Singh to the Occupation of the Panjáb by the English, 

A summary of the Customs, Rites, Songs, and Proverbs of the Sikhs, 

Twenty Stories Regarding Events in the Life of Gurú Nának, Taken from the Janam Sakhi

This is an old and interesting book - an interesting view into the perceptions of the 19th century Sikhs