Indian and Oriental Arms and Armour

Indian and Oriental Arms and Armour

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By Lord Egerton of Tatton

This book was originally published in 1880.  This first edition reprint book was published in 2002 by Dover Publications, New York.  It is a  soft cover "coffee table" book  in new condition.  8" X 11"  175 pages with 350 color, halftone, and line illustrations.

"Students of Oriental arms and armor and military history should be ever grateful to Lord Egerton of Tatton for writing this book.  Although originally prepared as a catalogue to the collections exhibited at South Kensington in the India Museum from 1880, it is strictly speaking a text book containing a military history of India with descriptions of her many peoples and their manner of arming complemented by the excellent line illustrations and catalogue descriptions of the exhibits."

This excellently illustrated volume provides factual accounts of events ranging from the earliest invasions of the subcontinent in 200 b.c. to the First Burmese War in 1824. Also includes detailed information on Arabian and Persian arms and Japanese armor. Illustrations and notes describe helmets, daggers, sabers, and other weapons.