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Janamsaakhi Prampara

Janamsaakhi Prampara

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By Dr. Sukhbir Singh Kapoor and Mrs. Mohinder Kaur Kapoor

Published in 2005, this is a first edition book by Chattar Singh Jiwan Singh  It is a new hardcover book.   Size:  8" x 10".  185 pages.  

Janamsakhis, as the name suggests, are stories that claim to reveal the life of the first Guru, Nanak Dev, in a chronological manner. The earliest known Janamsakhi dates back to 1658, nearly 120 years after the death of Guru Nanak in 1539. None of the Janamsakhis can claim to be the most authentic or authoritative version as, through the years, each chronicler of the Guru’s life has added and altered the narrative according to the need of the times.

In this volume, Dr Sukhbir Singh compares six different versions:  Bhai Gurdas, Puraatana Janamsakhis, Mehrbaan Janamsakhis, Baale Wali Janansakhis, Bhai Mani Singh Janamsakhi, and the"B-40" Janamsakhi.  While not the complete texts, he includes highlights from all six with the original Gurmukhi and English translation.