Mystical Tales

Mystical Tales

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English translation of Bhai Raghbir Singh.  First published in 1947, this is the first English edition published in 2009  by Atam Science Trust, India.    It is a new hardcover book with all pages clean and intact.   5" x 7.5", 288 pages

 Inspired and inspiring anecdotes and stories collected during his life.

Bhai Raghbir Singh (1896-1974) was a great mystic and a prolific writer of his time - the freedom movement era of Sikhism resurgence.  I always find his writings timeless, inspiring, and rooted in the essence of Khalsa.

"A Gursikh or Khalsa needs to know only one thing, that he is Waheguru's son.  Then defeat or failure shall never fall to his share either in wordily or spiritual sphere."