Sahibe Kamal Guru Gobind Singh

Sahibe Kamal Guru Gobind Singh

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By Daulat Rai,  Translated by Prof Surinderjit Singh 

This is a translation of a book written by Daulat Rai in 1901.  It is an 11th edition  published by Gurmat Sahit Charitable Trust in 2011.  It is a slim, softcover new book.  7" x 5" 175 pages.

Although not all of the historical facts are well stated and it is not well researched, I have found this one of the most engaging and emotionally connective books on the 10th Master ever written.  I forgive his mis-statements due to the paucity of information on Sikh history available at the turn of the last century.  In the face of British occupation (remember, there were less than 100 Nihungs recorded at the time of the census of 1900), this book was written with love and devotion.

Daulat Rai spoke in the introduction:  "...I tried to seek the Guru by delving deep into his own writings, and in the process my admiration, gratitude and reverence for the Guru was enhanced and I felt sorely grieved that most of his noble thoughts had not been touched upon and many others had been falsely spelt out. ...I resolved to write about Guru Gobind Singh's life, his noble thought and his mission son that the populace at large could have a just view of the Guru's greatness."

Well done, indeed.