Shabad Gur Peera

Shabad Gur Peera

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 by Sant Seva Singh; translated by Dilshers Singh and Harpreet Kaur

Published by Gurdwara Rampur Khera in 2008.  This is a first edition, new hardcover book.  Some dusty shelf wear.  Size: 9" x 5.5".  Pages: 633

Sant Sewa Singh reveals a visionary quest for the understanding of Gurbani at a very deep level.  Babaji touches every aspect of humanity, Sikhism and a Gursikh's path.  He takes the reader on a introspective and contemplative  journey using anecdotes from daily life and Gurbani to light the way.

I have a copy of this book, and I recommend it for inspirational reading.  Because it was given to me, I give it to you for the cost of postage.