Sikh Heritage - Ethos and Relics

Sikh Heritage - Ethos and Relics

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By Bhayee Sikandar Singh and Roopinder Singh

This first edition book was published in 2012 by Rupa & Co., India.  It is a  hardcover "coffee table" book with a bright dust jacket.  It is in new condition.  8" X 11"  204 pages with multiple color plates on nearly every page.

This delightful book contains photographs and descriptions of many rare and before-now unseen relics of Sikh history, bestowed by the Gurus to his disciples.  The authors do a thorough job in describing  each artefact in its historical context, giving a thorough perspective of its priceless value in Sikh heritage. The authors have used their understanding of and sensitivity to the Sikh ethos to familiarize and educate the readers about all that has been left behind by the Sikh Gurus.

This oversized picture book is one of best publications of 2012, and is destined to a collector's item.