Sikh Theology of Liberation

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by Dharam Singh


First published in 1991, this is a first edition published by Harman Publishing House.  This is a new, hardcover book but I am listing it as used in good condition.  It is very shelf-dirty, there is a water stain, the dust jacket is missing and corners are dinged as only India can do to a new book.  The binding is tight. Size: 9" x 5.5".  Pages: 182

Dharam Singh presents a tightly focused book on the Sikh concept of liberation, and it's effect on our society.  "Sikhism favors the idea of religion embedded in society because only then can the moral and ethical standards of a people, something so vital for spiritual enlightenment, be raised."

Chapters include:

Liberation - the Spiritual Aspect

Jivan Mukta - The Sikh Ideal of Man

Liberation and Social Involvement


A well written and worth-while book.