Sikhism and History

Sikhism and History

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Edited By Pashaura Singh and N. Gerald Barrier

Published By Oxford University Press - India 2004, this is a first India edition book.  It is a new, with some scuffing, dust, and corner dings from a life in India .  9" x 6" 280 pages.

This collection of essays covers a wide range of issues that define the contours of contemporary Sikh studies, the central concerns of a Sikh identity as well as the realities of the Sikh diaspora.


I. Introduction 

1. The contribution of Professor W.H. McLeod in the field of Sikh studies/Pashaura Singh. 

2. Sikhism in the light of history/N. Gerald Barrier. 

3. Keynote speech researching the Rahit/W.H. McLeod. 

4. Response to Keynote Speech/Pashaura Singh. 

II 1. Mythic inheritance and the historic drink of the Khalsa/Nikky Guninder Kaur Singh. 

2. Sikh identity in the light of history a dynamic perspective/Pashaura Singh. 

3. Bhai Nand Lal Goya and the Sikh tradition/Louis E. Fenech. 

4. Strategies for interpreting the Dasam Granth/Robin Rinehart. 

5. Maharaja Dalip Singh history and the negotiation Sikh identity/Tony Ballantyne. 

6. What is in a name. Circumscribing Sikh female nomenclature/Doris Jakobsh. 

7. Authority politics and contemporary Sikhism the akal takht the SGPC Rahit Maryada and the law/N. Gerald Barrier. 

8. Ethnic dynamics within a transnational framework the case of the Sikh diaspora/Arthur W. Helweg. 

9. Writing prejudice the image of Sikhs in Bharati Mukherjee's writings/Darshan S. Tatla.