Sikhism in Global Context

Sikhism in Global Context

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Edited By Pashaura Singh

Published By Oxford University Press - India 2011, this is a first India edition book.  It is a new, hardcover book with minor dings to the corners and scuffs on the dust jacket.  8.5" x 6" 270 pages.

A collection of essays from prominent Sikh scholars including N. Gerald Barrier, Nikky-Guninder Kaur Singh, Doris R. Jakobsh, Paul Wallace, Pashaura Singh, Susan Prill, Verne A Dusenbery and others.

Printed on the dusty jacket:  "From being at the centre of debates after 9/11 to carving out distinctive identities in the north-eastern corner of India, the Sikh community has made its presence felt throughout the world. Focusing on globalization, this book reflects the widening scope of Sikh studies?from religion, ideology, and history to contentious issues like identity, culture, and social relations. Sikhism in Global Context examines Sikh historiography, identity, music, ethics, diaspora, history, and current state of scholarship. It also studies internal differences of caste, community, and gender, as well as the use of modern media to disseminate and construct frameworks of Sikhism. The essays analyse how local experiences confirm and complicate notions of diasporic Sikh belief and practice questioning conventional premises of Sikh studies. Breaking away from its early emphasis on history and text, they open up a variety of approaches and look at the actual Sikh practice from the "lived religion perspective".