Spirit Born People
Prof. Puran Singh

Spirit Born People

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By Puran Singh

First published in 1928, this edition is published by Singh Bros in 2012.  This is a hardcover book.  Size: 8.5" x 5.5".  Pages: 168

It is truly an amazing book with few if any peers. It is a must for any Sikh Library As written in a book review by Laurie Bolger on Sikhchic.com:

My discovery of the man popularly known as Prof Puran Singh through this book, widely considered to be his crowning literary achievement, was a mind-stretching, soul-elevating experience.  A true "spark-kindler", the magic of his message made every page of this work radiate the incandescent glow of Sikh spirituality.

"The title ‘Sikh' - ‘The Disciple' -  was first given to us by Guru Nanak.  We were mere corpses, he poured life into us.  He did knit us with the Universe and he wove the design of the Infinite into the texture of our soul ... Our history is of the soul, all its events are of the soul. All truth for us is personal.  We have not to prove it, we have to stand witness to it in our soul.  By the title ‘Sikh', he linked us with Himself forever."