Sri Gur Panth Prakash - 2 Volume Set

Sri Gur Panth Prakash - 2 Volume Set

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by Rattan Singh Bhangoo; Translated by  Prof Gurutej Singh

First written in 1841, this a new translation of this classic volume published in 2015 by Singh Brothers.  This is a 2-Vol set, hardcover books with dust cover.  1135 pages in 2 Volumes

The highly respected Itihasik granth "Sri Gur Panth Prakash", also known as "Prachin Panth Prakash", is a treasure chest of Sikh history.  Its author, Rattan Singh Bhangu, came from a lineage of Sikh warriors, and had first hand knowledge on many historical issues.  Rattan Singh's grandfather was the renowned shaheed singh Bhai Mehtab Singh ji, who beheaded Massa Rangar for the desecration of the Harimandir Sahib. 

This is an English translation of  Sri Guru Panth Prakash , a primary historical chronicle throwing light on the evolution of the Khalsa Panth. Originally written in vernacular Punjabi verse and with 170 episodes, the book presents espisode 1- 81, detailing the glorious history of the Sikhs from 1675 to 1775. It deals with memorable events in Sikh history including execution of Guru Tegh Bahadur, creation of the Khalsa Panth at Anandpur Sahib, dynasties of noted Sikhs, origin of sects like the Gangushahian sect and battles involving Sikh warriors. It gives great details Sikh warriors like Banda Singh Bahadur, and other shaheed singhs. 

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