Strange But True in Sikhism

Strange But True in Sikhism

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By Prof. Surindar Singh Kohli

Published By National Book Shop - India in 2001, this is a first edition book.  It is a new, hardcover book with minor corner dings and shelf-wear.   8.5" x 5.5" 130 pages.

Straight out of the X-files, this fascinating work includes chapters mostly of paranormal experiences which the author has found in Sikhism. The stories range from the barely-believable to widely acknowledged spiritual experiences! 

Contents:   Ball-Lighting in Hari-Mandir

Sophists and Guru Nanak Dev


Out of the Body Experience

Cosmic Message

An Army of Martyrs

Visualizing the Invisible

The Court of Lord-God

The Court of God of Justice

Heaven and Hell

Yama and his City

A Scene of the Couriers of Yama at the time of Death

Protection of Enlightened persons

Dharmaraja, Chitra Gupta and transmigration


The Healing Power of Gurbani

The Powers of Clairvoyance and Instant Manifestation

Spontaneous Human Combustion