History and Ideology: The Khalsa Over 300 Years

History and Ideology: The Khalsa Over 300 Years

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Edited By J.S. Grewal & Indu Banga

Published By Tulika, India  1999, this is a first India edition book.  It is a new, softcover book with minor dings to the corners and shelf-wear.   8.5" x 5.5" 224 pages.

The essays comprise a selection from presentations that have been made at annual sessions of the Indian History Congress since its foundation in 1935, and cover the major phases of Sikh History from the sixteenth to the twentieth century.

 Contents: Preface. Introduction. 
1. The main phases of early Sikh history/ Sita Ram Kohli. 
2. The major sources of early Sikh history/Ganda Singh. 
3. Ideas operative in early Sikh history/J.S. Grewal. 
4. The Sikh Panth in the Vars of Bhai Gurdas/J.S. Grewal. 
5. Guru Gobind Singh and Bahadur Shah/J.S. Grewal. 
6. Sikh uprising under Banda Bahadur 1708-15/Muzaffar Alam. 
7 . Rise of the Sikh power as seen through the eyes of Ratan Singh Bhangu/ Gurtej Singh. 
8. Ahmad Shah Abdali and the Sikhs 1748-65/Sita Ram Kohli. 
9.Declaration of Sikh sovereignty/Hari Ram Gupta. 
10. The Punjab under Sikh rule: formation of a regional state/Indu Banga. 
11. Agrarian system of Ranjit Singh/Indu Banga. 
12. The Jagirdari system of Ranjit Singh/Indu Banga. 
13. J.D. Cunningham's report on the Sikh Kingdom/G. Khurana. 
14. British political agencies and the Punjab 1803-49/Pran Nath Khera. 
15. John Lawrence and the Sikh states/A.C. Arora. 
16. The Sikhs under colonial rule/Indu Banga. 
17. The census and the Sikhs/Joginder Singh. 
18. Sikh aristocracy under colonial rule/J.S. Grewal and Harish C. Sharma. 
19. Emergence of the Sikh middle class/Joginder Singh. 
20. Mazhabi Sikhs of the upper Bari Doab 1881-1941/Nisha Sharma. 
21. Sikh education, Khalsa College and the British/Kashmir Singh. 
22. Foundation of the central Sikh league/Sukhmani Bal. 
23. Akali-Congress cooperation during the Akali movement/Mohinder Singh. 
24. Akalis and the non-cooperation movement/K.L. Tuteja. 
25. The Akali movement and the vernacular press/Kamaljit Gill. 
26. The Sikhs and the prospect of 'Pakistan'/Indu Banga.