Role and Status of Women in Sikhism

Role and Status of Women in Sikhism

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By Dr. M.K. Gill

Published by National Book Shop in 1995.  This is a first edition, new hardcover book .  Size: 9" x 5.5".  Pages: 104

In my opinion, this is best book covering the role of women in Sikhism.  Dr. Gill makes an in-depth study of the Guru Mahal - the consorts of the Gurus - a subject that has been given little focus or the attention it deserves.  

Dr. Gill has researched and annotated her work with care, highlighting the role of Mata Sulakhani (wife of Guru Nanak Dev ji), Mata Khivi (wife of Guru Angad Dev ji), Bibi Bani (wife of Guru Ram Das ji), Mata Ganga (wife of Guru Arjan Dev ji), Mata Gujri (wife of Guru Tegh Bahadur ji), and Mata Sundri, Mata Jito, and Mata Sahib Devan (wives of Guru Gobind Singh ji).