Khalsa Women's Training - Brazil

In mid- May, we made the journey to Belo Horizonte in Brazil to lead a wonderful and inspiring Khalsa Women's Training weekend.  With Pritpal Kaur - CEO of 3HO Foundation ( and Guru Sangat Kaur - head of ABAKY (, we shared some powerful moments with 163 women from Brazil and all over South America.


Together we shared two wonderful days of meditation, yoga, banis, and Guru's Darbar. One of the great thing about sharing time with Khalsa women, is that they are so wise and graceful.  Even though this was called a "training weekend", the instructors were each and every woman who attended.  Pritpal, Guru Sangat, and I were merely the conductors.

For me, the highlight of the weekend was gathering on Saturday night high above the city in Pope's Square (Praca do Papa) to meditate for the welfare of Brazil.  With the cold wind blowing through our shawls, over a hundred wise women lifted their joint prayer of grace and protection for the people of Brazil.

Much love and booming GURFATEH to all Khalsa Women is all lands. May your light shine to guide the way of all mankind.


(Thanks to Tanysa Machado for the great picture!)

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