Blessings for the New Mexico Legislature

By the Grace of the Guru, I was able to deliver the invocation to the New Mexico Senate last week. It is a small thing, but it warms my heart stand in full Sikhi saroop in front of those who govern us.  When you call upon the blessings of the Guru with a full and open heart, the effect is undeniable.  The blessings do rain down on everyone.  To the One who protects us all, I am ever grateful and humbled.

"To the One who guides us, the One who protects us, the One God of all beings – hear our prayer this morning.Uplift us, so that we can feel Your presence as it fills this great hall.

In the words of your saint- 'Ek Hee Saroop Sabhai, Ekai Jot Jaanabo – All people are made in the image of God, and His Light shines through everyone.'  Give us wisdom to see that Light not only in our friends and family, but also in those that oppose us.  For if we see the One God in all people, then surely we will find the courage to act with righteousness.  We ask for this wisdom not for our self-gain, but the benefit of the people we serve.

Through the work of Your servants, may Thy Name ever increase throughout this world. May each of our spirits always be exalted with joy. And may all people prosper by Thy Grace.  Sat Nam"  January 25th, 2016 - Invocation at the New Mexico State Senate

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