Guru Gobind Singh ji Maharaj 350th Birthday

The whole sangat gathered in joy and celebration on the 5th of January, 2017 in beloved Patna Sahib.  The Takhat Sahib was beautiful in all it's brilliant glory.  The vibration of Bala Pritam, the young child Gobind Rai, was so tangible that it often drew tears to my eyes.


I am greatful to the sangat of Patna Sahib who have treasured and preserved the beloved artifacts of Guru Sahib including his little chola, his infant bed, and his small sandlewood shoes. And for their hard work and hospitality in hosting such a large sangat.

Read about the life of young Gobind Rai in the books of Bhai Vir Singh ji who captured this time so beautifully.  It will open your heart and change your life!

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