The Sikhs

The Sikhs

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By: Patwant Singh

First Printed in 1999, this is the 17th edition printed by Rupa & Co in 2021.  It is a new soft book..  Size:  8.5" x 5.5"  312 pages.  

Patwant Singh does a remarkable job of telling Sikh history as the formative context of our people, showing how the unfolding events of history have marked and defined us.  From the birth of Guru Nanak through partition of the Punjab in 1948 to the pogroms of New Delhi in 1984, Patwant Singh recounts ancient and recent Sikh history with analytical clarity. I particularly appreciate his ability to take very complicated and intertwined events and political scenarios and lay them out in an understandable sequence of events.  

Patwant Singh tells Sikh history not as an innocent by-stander, but as a fully committed stakeholder.  He voices his opinion without apology, but without offense.  This book is worth reading, if you know nothing of these events or if you are a scholar, because of the authentic clarity Patwant Singh's prospective brings to the reader.