Guru Gobind Singh on the Canvas of History

Guru Gobind Singh on the Canvas of History

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by D.K. Verma

Published by Harman Publishing House in 1995.  This is a first edition, new hardcover book. Dusty Jacket is significantly scuffed and pages are yellowing - the book is new but shows its age.  Size: 8.5" x 5.5".  Pages: 199

This book is an informative study of the life, mission and tactics of Guru Gobind Singh.  An attempt has been made to present the Guru in true historical perspective drawn from original, multilingual sources especially the Persian one. Dr. Verma objectively examines the process by which the Guru transformed the common folk of the Punjab into a chivalorous race. The tactics and details on Guru's battles, both before and after the formation of the Khalsa is truly excellent work based on solid research.

This book is out of print and very hard to find.  It is one of the best books on Guru Gobind Singh's military tactics still available.