Bhai Gurdas Ji - Kabitt Swayye

Bhai Gurdas Ji - Kabitt Swayye

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Translated by Shamsher Singh Puri

This is a first edition published in 2007 by Singh Bros of Amritsar.  It is a hard-cover, new book.  703 pages.

Bhai Gurdas, the leading Sikh scholar of early Sikhism, presented a genuine understanding of Gurbani and the Sikh Rahit in his classic works "Vars" and "Kabitt Swayyas".  His works were blessed with the epithet of "Key to Gurbani", but Guru Arjan Dev ji himself.  These works form a part of accepted Sikh canon, and are sung in Gurdwara along with Gurbani.

This book presents the first ever English translation of Kabitt Swayyas of Bhai Gurdas.   The text includes the original Gurmukhi, roman transliteration, and English translation.  I have found these translations to be excellent and comprehensive of the more subtle meanings.  This is a real treasure, and a "must" for any serious library on Sikhism.