Eminent Women in Sikh Hisotry

Eminent Women in Sikh Hisotry

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Dr. Alka Mishra

Published by Sikh University Press in 2018.  This is a first edition, new soft cover small book .  Size: 9" x 5.5".  Pages: 124


Dr. Mishra has collected 127 biographical sketches of women through out Sikh history.  It is similar to the out-of-print book "Spiritual Warriors - Eminent Sikh Women", but expanded to include dozens of more bios.


I enjoy this book, and I highly recommend it for reading.    Brief biographies are presented on the families of the Gurus, the wives of Maharaj Ranjit Singh, and all the royal houses of the Sikhs.  It is a who's who of Sikh women through the Guru-period, the Misl-period, the Sikh Raj, and even a few from the 20th century.

It is a must-have for researchers of Sikh women in history,