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Japji Sahib - Way to God in Sikhism

Japji Sahib - Way to God in Sikhism

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by Guru Nanak Dev Ji; Translated by Maneshwar S. Chahal

This is a new, softcover book published in 2014.  8.5"x 5.5", 367 pages.


This is a wonderful book for those who are researching or studying the depth of Japji Sahib.  Each pauree is taken step-by-step with the original Gurmukhi, English translation, and roman transliteration.  As a unique feature, Dr. Chahal breaks down the translation of phrases, giving the English reader a much more detailed understanding of the words.  He highly knowledgable of the context of the Japji Sahib and gives the reader an accurate interpretation of this incredible and complex Bani.