Jathedar Kartar Singh Jhabbar - Akali Jatha Sacha Sauda Bar

Jathedar Kartar Singh Jhabbar - Akali Jatha Sacha Sauda Bar

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Edited by Kulwinder Singh Bajwa

Published in 2010 , this is a first edition book by the Sikh University Press.  It is a new hardcover book in excellent condition.  Size:  9 " x 5.5".  135 pages.  

This is a translation of the book Akali Jatha Sacha Sauda Bar, published by the SGPC in 2000.  It highlights the contribution made by Jathedar Kartar Singh Jhabbar in the struggle to wrestle Gurdwara management away from the mahants and British, known as the Gurdwara Reform Movement (1920-1925). It was then that the Sikhs launched a committed effort to liberate their Gurdwaras from the mahants, who had been occupying them against the wishes of the Sikh nation and had been using the offereings for their own activities.

First-hand information about this important era is hard to find, and I am grateful that this book has come forward.  The struggle to get possession of Nankana Sahib and who did what at that time, which has been shrouded in generalities, is laid out here in detail.  

A slim but important book.