Sikh Art and Literature

Sikh Art and Literature

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Edited by Kerry Brown

This first edition book was published in 1999 by Routledge.  It is a softcover book in new and unread condition, but it does have some shelf wear from time.   9.5" X 7"  213 pages with 42 color and 92 black and white plates.

 Sikh Art and Literature traverses the 500-year history of a religion that dawned with the modern age in a land that was a thoroughfare of invading armies, ideas and religions and arts of the East and West. This collection of essays in honor of the 1999 Tera Centenary of the Khalsa by art curators, historians and collectors and religion and literary scholars are illustrated with some of the earliest and finest Sikh paintings. Sikh modernism and mysticism is explored in essays on the holy Guru Granth Sahib; the translations and writings of the British Raj convert, M.A. Macauliffe; the fathers of modern Punjabi literature, Bhai Vir Singh and Puran Singh; and the 20th century fiction writers Bhai Mohan Vaid Singh and Khushwant Singh.

Excerpts from journals of visitors to the court of the diminutive and new translations of early twentieth century poetry add depth and originality to this beautiful and accessible introduction to the art, literature, beliefs and history of the Sikhs.