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Sikhs - We are not Hindus

Sikhs - We are not Hindus

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By Bhai Kahn Singh Nabha; translated into English by Dr. Jarnail Singh

Published in 2010, this is a second edition book by Singh Brothers.  It is a new softcover book.   Size:  8" x 5.5".  136 pages.  

This book is a faithful translation of the classic Hum Hindu Nahin that was first published in 1898.  During that oppressive time for Sikhs until British rule, Hindus argued that Sikhism was part of the vast Hindu dharma and that it had no independent status of its own.  Sikhs, led by vigorous Singh Sabha movement, vehemently declared that Sikhism was an autonomous faith with its own history, religious symbols and philosophy. 

Hum Hindu Nahin appeared in the form of a dialogue between a Hindu and a Sikh: the Hindu was asking questions which are answered by the Sikh. The bulk of the book consists largely of texts drawn mainly from the Sikh scripture and presented as evidence the Khalsa believes and conduct differ from Hindu tradition to such an extent that Sikhism must be regarded as a separate religious system, distinct and autonomous in its own right. The texts are grouped under such headings as religious texts, caste system, divine incarnation, rituals, idol-worship, belief in gods and goddesses, etc.

Even after more than 100 years, Bhai Kahn Singh talks to our generation with passion and relevance.  A "must-have" book for every Sikh.