The Book of The Ten Masters

The Book of The Ten Masters

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By Puran Singh

Published by Punjabi University in 1997.  This is a reprint of the classic book first printed in 1926, hardcover used book in very good condition with some shelf wear and occasional pen markings on the pages.  Size: 9" x 5.5".  Pages: 110

Taken from a a Book Review by MANJYOT KAUR on

"When it comes to words of Sikh significance with the power to ignite and delight the mind and heart, very little  -  with the exception of the Sikh scriptures themselves, of course  -  can match the works of Prof. Puran Singh. The Book of the Ten Masters is a prime example of his pre-eminence among Sikh writers.

There are many books about the Sikh Gurus that give in-depth accounts of the historical and political events of their times, without imparting a real sense of their spiritual horizons. A mystic par excellence, the author satisfyingly provides this dimension in a seemingly effortless manner. Right from the first words of the first chapter, describing Guru Nanak as a child  -  "He came like a Song of Heaven, and began singing as he felt the touch of the breeze and saw the blue expanse of sky"  -  the capacity of Puran Singh's words to soothe and uplift our souls is fully apparent."

If you have not read a book on Sikh History before - this is the one to buy.