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This is one of the books of the Sri Dasam Granth written by Guru Gobind Singh ; Translated by Gurbachan Singh 'Makin'

Published by the Lahore Book Shop in Ludhiana, this is a second addition printed in 2009.  This is a new book,  measuring 6"x9" and nearly 291 pages.  It includes the original Gurbani, transliteration, and translation.

The Zafarnamah is translated as the "Epistle of Victory", and was written by Guru Gobind Singh to Aurangzeb at the height of oppression by the Mughal regime in 1705.  This letter was delivered to Aurangzeb by Bhai Daya Singh and Bhai Dharam Singh.  So struck was Aurangzeb by the sharp truth of the Zafarnamah, that he ordered all violence against the Sikhs be stopped.  He sent message back that he would meet with the Guru, but he died before the meeting could occur

The beautiful Zafarnamah remains today a brilliant example of the mastery Guru Gobind Singh held on language, strategy, and reality.  I am continually amazed at its on-going relevance to the struggles of daily life, and the wisdom of the verses.  It is here where Guru Gobind Singh enunciated the Sikh Code:  "When all peaceful means have been tried and failed, it is righteous and just to take up the sword."